About Us

<h1 class=" p1>Our Story

caviar gems was created by bringing together a team of insiders passionate about excellent cuisine and refined craftsmanship. What better to channel those passions into than caviar? Naming our brainchild “Gems” in homage to nature’s own black diamonds, and with a mission of bringing ultra-premium caviar to every professional and home kitchen and bar, this team of experts worked tirelessly to create a product without compromise or comparison. 


Then we took it even further. caviar gems is proudly sustainable, ethical, and intentional. We’re building communities, bolstering sustainability, and forging healthier lifestyles. Consumers can feel good, falling in love with caviar again with every sprinkle. 


Nothing gives us more joy than seeing everyone, from Michelin-starred chefs and leading mixologists to home cooks, experimenting with caviar gems. Check out our shop for recipes and inspiration.