Caviar Gems


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We’ve combined two of the five basic tastes – sweet and salty – by infusing rare black button sage honey with our dehydrated pure premium Osetra caviar to create an unparalleled flavor sensation. One that will upgrade your favorite foods and beverages from palate-pleasing to unforgettable. Drizzle it on almost anything. Pepperoni pizza and goat cheese crostini to caramel ice cream. Reimagine classic cocktails like the Bees’ Knees, of course, or a Tom Collins. Don’t get us started on what caviar gems Honey does for glazes, dressings and sauces!

Just as we do to source our caviar, we work with small family owned small-batch producers for our honey. It is made by bees that feast on the purple flowers of the black button sage that grows on the coastal California shrubland. The honey is characterized by a golden-white color, non-crystalizing quality and a delightful floral flavor with a hint of pear, making it a highly sought after treat and the perfect culinary companion to Caviar Gems. The new caviar gems Honey is edible opulence at an accessible price. Purchase a jar here.