Caviar Gems


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Abandon yourself to pure pleasure. Discover a duo that invites you to explore the most exhilarating horizons, the pairing of caviar gems with caviar gems INFUSED HONEY. Indulge not only in the sumptuous taste of caviar gems but in the blending of shimmering black gems, Osetra Caviar, dried to perfection and blended with a  precious golden elixir, honey cultivated from the ultimate emblem of the American West, Black Button Sage. This artisanal honey has a unique floral flavor, a precious secret of beekeepers and honey connoisseurs, a flavor that takes flight when combined with the savory saltiness of caviar.  Pair these two together for a duet beyond compare. 
 Velvety and rich, our honey is fresh, surprising us with just a hint of pear, yet it’s the addition of buttery, luxe caviar gems that invites abandonment to pure pleasure.  caviar gems is (nearly) as pleasing to the eye as to the palate, ranging from a shimmering black to a sumptuous amber, all of it fairly bursting with robust buttery-nut luxuriance. Finally, we thought, it was time to give this delicacy the home it deserved—which also meant it was time to kiss those old tins goodbye. Our elegant vitrine comes filled to the brim with these pearls and, paired with our subscription service, is intended for Earth-friendly reuse